I’m Lynn and thank you for stopping by my website.

I find it easier taking photos, than describing myself, but here I am and I’ll give it my best shot! 

I’ve always been interested in photography as a ‘hobby’ and living in South Dorset, England, there’s never a shortage of subjects! 

Six years ago I made a conscious decision, if I’m going to do this properly, then I’ll enroll into Bournemouth Uni’s evening classes and start from the beginning..it proved to be the right decision, it helped me so much!

At the time of these classes I had no real direction as to where I wanted to take my photography, my interests away from the camera has always been music and motor sports.

So once I had the information learnt from my classes, I set about practicing and having a great time! I love the speed and moment of capture both genres of subject give you. 

My music photography is now my primary subject, I’m totally hooked and love the challenging conditions..so with much encouragement from those around me, I have decided to give this a go and I’m now building on my portfolio.. 

At this point I would like to thank everyone who has given me the chances and opportunities to help me move forwards, your weddings, parties, concerts, festivals, rallying, motorsport events, air festivals.

You have all played a big part in believing in me enough to give me the opportunity to develop and grow as a photographer.. many, many thanks! So thank you for visiting my page.. enjoy! 

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